Crypto trading in the bull market has made a lot of people rich so far, but recently the bull market has been replaced by a bear market.

It was not easy to make money when there was a bear market, so we thought long and hard about it. Animality is turning the NFT market into a bull season on the SOLANA ecosystem.

Only profit without the risk of sinking, the Animality project has been planned with experts and is planned to ensure the continuous continuity of the ecosystem and the project.


First Quarter

Preparation of Animality Collection's first bull

drawings and 555 MINT.

Animality will be activated on social media platforms such as

Twitter and Instagram.

Discord server will be opened and Community will be built.

Community will be rewarded with sweepstakes and White List.

Second Quarter

The DAO system will be activated and HOLDERs

will be able to vote on the progress of the project.

HOLDERs will be rewarded with airdrops.

A special program will be launched to increase the value of NFTs.

It will be announced that the Merch Store will open in the third quarter.

Third Quarter

T-Shirt gifts specially produced for HOLDERs

will be sent physically via Mystery Box.

Items such as T-Shirts and Stickers

will be on sale at Animality Merch Store.

A special Token will be developed and launched for Animality.

Fourth Quarter

Animality's annual balance sheet will be announced and 8% of the

total earnings will be shared equally among HOLDERs.

Road Map 2.0 will be announced and the long-term plans

of the project will be announced.

P2E Game will be developed, NFTs purchased in this game can be

used as characters.



Animality is an NFT team of young entrepreneurs. Aiming to progress in the Solana network, Animality is preparing to raise awareness for animals as well. Animality, which will appear with another animal every four months, will provide great advantages to those who purchased from the previous project.


Why Solana?

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Release Date

Is There A Whitelist?